How We Work

  1. Focus on Prevention:

    Health Knowledge – We organise outreach programmes e.g. Public Forums / Health Talks to teach members how certain common diseases can be better avoided or managed.

    Health screening - We bring preventive health screening, counselling and immunisation services to your neighborhood by wellness buses, public forums and work place talks.

    Follow up - Regular health coaching sessions and social events to keep members motivated in keeping a healthy lifestyle

  2. Embrace each patient as unique individuals

    Customised health screening and care plan conducted by specialists and health coaches to help you reach your health goal.

  3. A Support Network for healthy lifestyles

    Our health coaches are trained to help patients reach and sustain health goals

    You can reach our health coaches using our hotline if you have any health related questions or would like to get information on products that best suit your needs e.g. Which adult diaper to choose, which doctor to consult etc.

    Form interest groups that allow members to meet friends and learn more health knowledge. e.g. Chocolate making classes that teaches members food nutrition knowledge while having fun

  4. Quality and ethical products and services.

    Our specialist doctors and partners share TGLC’s belief to deliver quality care and good value. We aim to provide healthcare that is more affordable and accessible e.g. Daily care products (diapers, feeds), Vaccines, Medical Tests and Specialist Consultation.


The Good Life is for:

  • Better health
  • Longer life
  • Freedom from financial worries as you grow old
  • A fun way of staying healthy
  • Access to doctors who want to partner with you in keeping you well