Who We Are

The Good Life is a co-operative. We work for the benefit of our members. We come together to bring benefit to each other and for the greater good of the community – do well, do good. Our mission is to provide quality healthcare for value and empower our members to live long, live well and live carefree.

At The Good Life, our aim is to help members enjoy health care that is:

  1. More Affordable – Our membership based model allows us to bring your discounted medical / care services
  2. More Accessible – We are just a few steps away! Our wellness programmes (mobile clinic, public forums) bring healthcare and advice into the community and closer to you.
  3. People Centred - We build a support network comprising specialist doctors, health coaches, interest groups and like-minded members that motivate each other to ‘live long, live well, live carefree”.
  4. Long term - Our membership packages come with year-long regular follow-up from health coaches so that healthy living stays a habit.
  5. High Quality and ethical - Our specialist doctors and pharmaceutical partners share The Good Life's beliefs.

What is a cooperative?

A co-operative is a model that aims to do well and do good through enabling means for self-help and mutual-help.

The Good Life is for:

  • Better health
  • Longer life
  • Freedom from financial worries as you grow old
  • A fun way of staying healthy
  • Access to doctors who want to partner with you in keeping you well