Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are affiliated doctors employed by The Good Life?

A. No.  The Good Life maintains an independent contractor relationship with our affiliated doctors.  Our doctors are not our agents or employees.  

Q. What is the relationship between my doctor and The Good Life?

A. The Good Life supports you in making appointments with your doctors and negotiating rebates and discounts for your consultation and other fees.  Your doctor owns and manages the practice and The Good Life has absolutely no involvement in any medical decisions.  The Good Life's job is simply to connect you with the right doctor.

Q. Is insurance accepted?

A. Your membership fee is for participation in The Good Life's wellness programme and to gain access to activities that The Good Life offers and discounts that we are able to negotiate in bulk with our partners and doctors.  This fee is generally not covered by insurance, although we are working with the insurance sector at this point in time.  Depending on the insurance that you have, when you visit your doctor, the doctor consultation and procedure fees may be covered by your insurance.


The Good Life is for:

  • Better health
  • Longer life
  • Freedom from financial worries as you grow old
  • A fun way of staying healthy
  • Access to doctors who want to partner with you in keeping you well