How many types of membership does TGLC offer?

TGLC only offers two membership packages for now. Please refer to our membership packages (Click Here) for the details.

What are the ways to sign up for TGLC membership?

There are five ways to sign up for TGLC membership
-Online form download [Click Here]
-wellness bus onsite recruitment
-Public Forum onsite recruitment
-The Good Life Medical Centre

My membership is expiring soon, how do I renew it?

We will send out renewal reminder near your membership expiry date, simply fill up the membership renewal form and make the payment. We will mail you the new membership card after membership renewal is confirmed.

I heard that there is a $20 for three years membership package. How can I get it?

The $20 package is reserved for the needy and administered by People’s Association. Please contact People’s Association to understand if you are eligible to apply and ways to apply for the package

How will I receive the membership card? What if I didn’t receive it?

Membership card would be mailed to the address indicated on your signup form. Alternatively, you could choose to collect it personally at The Good Life Clinic. If you did not receive your membership card one month after signing up, please call our helpline. If you signed up with PA, please kindly approach PA to enquire about the membership card.

Can I upgrade my membership in the middle of the year?

Members could upgrade their membership from basic to premier anytime in the year by paying for the difference in price of packages. However, members are reminded to utilize the benefits before the expiry date as there would be no extension to the expiry date. However, you could not downgrade to basic membership plan from a premier package.

What benefits would I receive as part of my packages?

Please refer to our membership packages (Click Here) for the details in our packages.

Purchase of products

What are the products that I could purchase at discounted price as a member of TGLC?

Currently, TGLC offers discounted price on Abbott Ensure protein products, Tena diapers and various vaccination. Please refer to our membership packages (Click Here) for the details in our products.

How do I purchase these products?

Please visit us at Mount Alvernia clinic, public forums and wellness bus mobile clinics. You could also drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call at 6710 7551.

Will the products be delivered to me?

Delivery to your doorsteps can be arranged with Tena at a cost.

Vaccination and Blood Test

What type of vaccination does TGLC offer?

At the moment we offers Influenza, Prevenar 13, Pneumovax and HPV.

Why are there only limited choices of vaccination?

We are working to bring you more choices of vaccination in the near future.

How do I receive the vaccination?

You can receive the vaccination at our mobile clinic. Check when is the bus coming to your neighborhood here

You can also choose to come down to The Good Life Clinic [Click Here] to receive the vaccination.

Are the vaccinations offered by TGLC cheaper than other providers?

We are currently offering three types of vaccination and a lower price: Pneumococcal, Influenza and HPV.

If I would like to opt for additional test, must I pay for it?

Yes, you would need to pay for addtional test. However, when you request for the blood test through TGLC, you enjoy savings compared to walking in to blood test labs to ask for additional test.

Who do I go to for additional test? How much are the different type of tests?

You can request for additional test by
1) Calling our helpline
2) Approaching our Health Coaches at mobile clinic
3) Walk in at our clinic.

Health coaching

Who are the health coaches?

They are certified nurses as health coaches. They went through addtional professional trainings to provide accurate advice and information on health knowledge, products and services.

How do the health coaches approach us?

They will go to your neighborhood regularly together with the mobile clinic. Check out our schedule here. For premier package subscribers, you would also receive follow-ups from health coaches through phone calls.

How often do the health coaches approach us?

For premier package subscribers, our healthcoaches follow up with you four times per year. You can also choose to call our helpline if you have any queries.

What are the mode of communication with health coaches?

Health coaches may either call or email you depending on your preferred mode of communication.

What do the health coaches do?

Our health coaches help to conduct health assessment and offer professional advice to help you understand your healthcare choices.

What questions and what type of help can I get from the helpline?

You may enquire about our services, the details of our package, information on consumerables and products that you could order. You could also call us for information on health related issues.


Who are the specialists?

We have a panel of specialists across different specialisation. Find out more about our specialists here.

How are specialists selected to join TGLC?

Only specialist doctors that are reputable in the specialised area and align with our TGLC belief are selected to join TGLC.

How do I know the specialists are good?

Our specialists signed a pledge to do well and do good at the point of joining TGLC.

Mobile clinic

Can the mobile clinic come to my house?

Unfortunately our mobile clinics go around Singapore in a fixed schedule. However, the bus may be visiting your nearby CC or RC. Please check the bus schedule here at Click Here.

What services are available on the mobile clinic?

Our health coaches would be available on the bus to assist you with basic health screening. Some of the blood tests in the membership packages are also available on the bus.

Must I pay to visit the mobile clinic?

No, our mobile clinic is free for all. Find out about our schedule here

Is there any means test for access to mobile clinic?

No. All are welcome at the mobile clinic.

If I live in different estate and happen to pass by the mobile clinic at another location, would i be able to use the services?

Yes, of course.

The Good Life is for:

  • Better health
  • Longer life
  • Freedom from financial worries as you grow old
  • A fun way of staying healthy
  • Access to doctors who want to partner with you in keeping you well