The Good Life Begins With Our Doctors

Our members start their journey to The Good Life with the help of dedicated doctors who want to return their patients to the centre of care. By becoming The Good Life's affiliated doctor, you receive support from our care navigators, which means you have more time to spend on what you love - making a difference to your patient's long-term well being.

Benefits of Affiliation with The Good Life

  • Let your patients know that you are an ethical doctor who believes in evidence-based medicine
  • Your patients get to see the results of your treatment when The Good Life follows up to ensure their adherence to your recommendations
  • Get the opportunity to speak at public forums and member events about your expertise
  • Be featured on The Good Life's regular newsletters
  • Receive support from The Good Life's panel of senior medical practitioners on best practices for providing holistic care to patients
  • Bring about positive change in patients' lives instead of focusing only on symptoms

How It Works

When you become part of The Good Life's network of doctors, you join a select group of doctors who have pledged to put your patients at the centre of care.  Our professionals have access to the best clinical practices that put preventive care first, which gives you the ability to guide your patients to make the best possible healthcare decisions every day.  As a member of The Good Life's doctor panel, we follow up with your patients to make sure they follow the care plan you have prescribed, which means you get to spend more time with your patients to give them the best treatment they deserve.  With The Good Life, you will begin to see the positive effects of our support on your patients' outcomes, and you are likely to feel an improvement on your own practice and life as well.

  • Organisations that believe in the importance of providing ethical, evidence-based health benefits to our members
  • Organisations that want to share their innovations in preventive care
  • Organisations that want to introduce The Good Life to their customers
  • Organisations that want to offer The Good Life's services to their members or employers

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The Good Life is for:

  • Better health
  • Longer life
  • Freedom from financial worries as you grow old
  • A fun way of staying healthy
  • Access to doctors who want to partner with you in keeping you well